15 Brilliant Baby Closet Storage Ideas & Organization Tips You Will Love

Are you looking for the best baby closet storage ideas and organization tips?

Are you overwhelmed with baby clothes?

We know how clothes can pile up fast and if we don’t keep on top of it soon becomes a real mess. When you can’t keep track of the many things your baby has, it’s easier to misplace them when you need them the most.

When that happens, you end up wasting a lot of time and going crazy trying to find the misplaced items.

If this is a common scenario in your home, you’re not alone because many moms out there are going through the same thing. Whether your baby is few months old or you’re a new mom, knowing how to organize and store your baby’s items properly in the closet can go a long way in saving you lots of money, time, and sanity.

So let’s get to it!

15 great baby closet storage ideas and organizing tips

Clever Baby Closet Storage Ideas

How do I organize my nursery closet?

Even if your nursery is small you can still find some clever nursery organization hacks to keep your baby closet in good order.

If you are looking for closet inspiration to store and organize your newborn or toddler clothes take a look at these wonderful ideas and pictures.


1. Arrange Clothes By Type And Size

To find what you’re looking for fast is a good idea to arrange every item in your child’s closet by type or size. Have a dedicated section where you store each item to make it easier for you to retrieve them fast and easily when needed.

Items such as shorts, socks, long-sleeved clothing, trousers, short-sleeved clothing, bibs, dresses, shoes, diapers, and underwear should be placed in their respective places.

On the picture below Ashley Ann organizes her baby’s items by type and size. It looks really tidy and makes easier to find what you need at glance.

Image credit Ashley Ann Laz

2. Use Drawer Dividers To Organize Items

If you don’t have enough space in the drawers for every item, consider purchasing drawer dividers for the closet. It will help you sort and organize every item properly.

The items that you don’t want to hang like socks, bibs, blankets, and towels, can be folded neatly and placed separately in the drawers.

If you have the time and want to save some money you can make your own drawer dividers with cardboard and then place them in your baby’s closet. You could decorate the cardboard with baby stickers and add some color.

And if you don’t have time, check these Storage Set with Compartments For Nursery


3. Use Labelled Baskets

This gender neutral baby closet has so much storage. You can get so many baby items in there and all perfectly organized in labeled baskets.

Baby closet storage ideas and organization hacks
Baby closet storage ideas | Image credit 12 Oaks

If you want very affordable baskets for the nursery or closet, have a look at this great selection.


4. Hang the Little Shoes

Keep your little ones adorable shoes at hand with this great idea. Use a rail in your closet or add one. It saves closet space and possibly your sanity.

Image credit Project Nursery
Image credit Project Nursery

5. Place Multiple Items in Hangers

It’s much easier to see and pick out your baby’s clothes when they’re neatly hanging in the closet than when they’re folded. Most baby clothes come already with plastic hangers, but if you want to maximize the space in the closet, hang several items in one hanger. Ingenious!

Baby closet storage ideas even for small nurseries
Image credit i.pinimg.com
Image credit Pinterest.com

6. Use Closet Dividers To Organize Baby Clothes

Using size organizers (closet dividers) in the closet, helps you to sort and separate the clothes according to type, size, and season. When you organize your baby’s clothing this way, it will be easier to notice the ones that he or she has never worn, so you can decide whether to give them out or return them.

Or if you are feeling crafty, make your own, similar to the ones below. Cute!

Image credit Nubamia

 Closet Dividers for Baby Clothes


7. Use Clothespins To Hang Baby Items

If your little princess or prince has matching shirts and pants or blouse and skirt, make sure you keep them together in the closet. Instead of buying expensive clip hangers for this job, just get yourself some clothespins to hang the clothes together.

Ways to store and organize baby clothes in closet
Image credit Two Twenty One

Alternatively, you can place a box with slots inside one of the drawers to arrange the two pieces. This helps greatly to avoid losing one of the pieces when your kid needs to wear them.


8. Install A Second Rail On The Closet

Baby clothes don’t need much space to hang because they are shorter than adult clothing. Therefore, installing a second rail will not make the closet look cluttered. Depending on the position of the first rail, you can either install the second rail at the top or bottom. You can go DIY by using curtain rings to hang your baby’s shoes or toys neatly on this second rail.

Well organized baby closet with plenty of storage space
Image credit Project Nursery

9. Consider Door Storage

The doors of your baby’s closet have unused space that you should take advantage of if you need more storage space. Think about fridges and the vertical storage spaces they have on the inside of their doors.

You can have the same by mounting vertical racks on the door to help you stash all the socks, hair accessories, bibs, diapers, etc. It’s an excellent way of keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

Image credit The Avid Appetite

Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack

Another alternative is using command hooks to hang stuff from the door.

Image credit Our Fifth House

10. Store Baby Items In Wire Baskets

If you have nowhere to store all the clothes you’ve been buying for your little one, then consider having a wire basket in your kid’s closet or room. Hang the basket on one of the walls and arrange the diapers neatly in it. If you want that extra cute touch, you can put a stuffed toy on top of the basket.

Image credit Reality Day Dream

11. Use A Shoe Organizer

If you still have more things to store, consider buying an over-the-door shoe organizer to organize and store your baby’s onesies, hair accessories, bibs, diapers, underpants, toys, etc. It’s handy and affordable too, so you have no excuse for not getting one.

Over the Door Storage Organizer


12. Add A Pegboard

Add a pegboard in the wall to gain extra space in a small closet. If you need a pegboard, this specific one from Amazon has good reviews.

Closet storage ideas for baby clothes
Image credit Slippers By Day

13. Have A Container For Outgrown Clothes

Since kids grow very fast, what fits your baby perfectly today may not fit in a few month’s time. So don’t forget to leave a pre-designed, reachable space for putting outgrown items. Once is full you could donate the items.

If your closet is already full, you can install some shelves on the walls to store the outgrown items, or convert that empty bookshelf you have into a storage space.


14. Go Vertical

Take advantage of the vertical space and add some trendy baskets and rail clothes.

Baby closet storage ideas | Image credit The Greenspring Home

15. Keep Everything You Need Close To The Changing Table

Lastly, keep clothing and other accessories that you use daily near the changing table for easy access. This will enable you to get through your day easily if you’re a new mom, and give you more time to spend with your little one.

Image credit Mrs Becoming Mommy

Use hooks to hang plastic crates or baskets on the wall above the changing table to store diapers and other things that you might need for changing the baby.

Image credit Project Nursery

Alternatively, you can have a trolley on wheels with everything you need nearby for the same purpose.

Image credit Love Laugh Mirch

3-Tier Rolling Cart


Baby Closet Storage Ideas Conclusion

Implement the above tips to make your baby’s closet more organized and the items easily accessible. If you have a tip to keep baby clothes organized, please share it below.

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