5 High Paying Affiliate Programs You Don’t Want to Miss


If you are a blogger looking to increase your earnings I have 5 high paying affiliate programs that I use and recommend.

As a customer, I like them because they offer great value and have become indispensable on my blogging journey. As an affiliate, they offer great benefits and commissions.

Let’s find out what I like about these affiliate programs, what are their benefits, and how much they pay. 


This post contains affiliate links. I recommend all these programs because I use them and love them. Find out more about affiliate links by reading the disclosure policy.

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High Paying Affiliate Programs I Use




Siteground is the web hosting of my choice and where I host this blog. I have tried other hosting companies but I stuck with Siteground because I feel like they really care.

So far everything is running smoothly with Siteground, their support is very efficient (both as a customer and as an affiliate), the site loading time is fast and I know I’m in safe hands from attacks.

Do you want to promote Siteground as an affiliate? Own it! There is nothing better than talking from experience. Your passion will come through and you will make more sales because you are promoting a product you believe in.

Get Siteground hosting here

SiteGround is a web hosting company that also offers WordPress, Woocommerce, Cloud hosting services. It is one of the few web hosting companies that run a lucrative affiliate program.

In short, you can earn a really good commission promoting their services on your blog, website, or on your social media accounts.

One of the many reasons why people prefer SiteGround over other web hosting companies is because they offer quality services at reasonable prices. This is one company you really want to partner with.

How does the SiteGround affiliate program work?

Once you sign up on their affiliate program, you receive commissions based on the number of sales you make in a month. When you make between 1 and 5 sales, they pay you $50 for each of the sales.

If you make between 6 and 10 sales, they increase your commission to $75 for each customer. Say you get lucky and increase your sales volume to between 11 and 20 sales. You get $100 for each sale made.

The rates go higher and higher as you increase your sales volume. The farthest you can go is $150 for every customer you bring onboard, a deal you won’t find easily anywhere else.

Benefits of being a SiteGround affiliate

Being a member of the SiteGround affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn as much as you want every single month throughout the year.

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can make in commissions. In addition, they offer a weekly payment frequency which is just awesome.

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get your cash. There is also the satisfaction of sharing valuable information with the people you care for.


– The tier payment system gradually increases a marketer’s earning potential.

– Very low cancellation rates.

– The company has an awesome conversion rate of 8%.

– Creation of custom links for individual personalization needs.

– SiteGround’s support team is available to help and answer your questions.

– You do not need to reach a minimum amount of sales to get paid.


– The affiliate program has no cons by itself.

Get Started with SiteGround

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My go-to keyword tool to discover easy to rank long-tail keywords. I have used so many keyword tools but I always come back to LongTailPro. It is not only easy to use but quite accurate with the results. As I said earlier I love it!

So, what is exactly?

It is a desktop keyword research system that helps bloggers generate niche keywords for blogs and websites. It is especially useful for people who do not have any technical knowledge about SEO.

LongTailPro has a functional affiliate program where you earn a certain percentage of what customers pay for services.

How does the LongTailPro affiliate program work?

The LongTailPro affiliate program earns you a 30% commission of the price of each sale made. You also earn recurrent income for monthly and annual plans that you sell.

To join the program, just sign up on their site and bookmark their login page for instant access to commissions, links, and banners to use for your campaign.

Benefits of being a LongTailPro affiliate

Being a keyword research system, you can use LongTailPro for your own affiliate blog or website.

Simply sign up on the site, use their services to get your content to rank higher on search engine results, then have a greater amount of visitors convert to real LongTailPro customers.

When the commission begins to come in, you will have made LongTailPro pay for itself. How awesome is that?


  • The commission rates are good.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Instructional videos are available.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


– I love LongTailPro so no cons for me.

Sign up as an LongTailPro affiliate


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I love to use Tailwind for Pinterest. You can use it for Instagram too but at the moment I’m just focusing on growing my Pinterest account.

Because I use it as a customer and like it I can recommend it.

Let’s see what it is and the benefits you get as an affiliate.

Tailwind is one suite that helps clients manage their visual web presence. It provides marketing solutions mainly on Instagram and Pinterest.

This is made possible through tools and tasks like analytics and monitoring, smart scheduling, hashtag suggestions, content discovery, monitoring, and promotion.

It is trusted by over 100,000 brands, agencies, and bloggers to successfully market themselves on Instagram and Pinterest.

How does the Tailwind affiliate program work?

By marketing Tailwind and recommending it to potential customers, you make 15% commission on customer subscriptions.

This commission recurs monthly for as long as the customers you send their way maintains their subscription. You don’t have to go through the tedious work of designing banners or videos for your campaigns because these are already pre-made by the company.

The 90-day cookie earns you commission every time someone signs in.

Benefits of being a Tailwind affiliate

In addition to earning commission from marketing Tailwind, you have the opportunity of taking advantage of their Instagram and Pinterest marketing strategy.

By having their visual marketing tools on your social media accounts, you will gain a considerable following that can, in turn, help you in opening up an influencer marketing business.


  • Recurring commissions.
  • More bonuses when you promote product launches.
  • A responsive affiliate manager is always available.
  • Trusted and endorsed by Pinterest.


  • None

Try Tailwind for free before you buy it. When you become an affiliate you will have recurring commissions every month.

# If Tailwind confuses the heck out of you, read this Tailwind Pinterest Review and step by step tutorial to find out the ins and outs of this awesome tool. 




I can’t get enough of PicMonkey. What an easy to use tool to create amazing images for your Pinterest strategy.

Besides being an excellent tool for photo editors, PicMonkey is helping people make a living out of its thriving affiliate program.

Among the products and services available for marketing on PicMonkey are photo editing, graphic design tools, touch up and collage.

In addition, they have a blog that is up and running where visitors can help themselves with tutorials and a wealth of information on editing and design.

How does the PicMonkey affiliate program work?

PicMonkey pays you a commission when the customer you bring makes a purchase within 45 days of referral. Though their standard commission rate is a recurring 15% on all sales, they do offer a 30% commission on the first sale of every customer that signs up.

Benefits of being a PicMonkey affiliate

You could also use Picmonkey to build your social media presence. In addition to appreciating the benefits that design has to offer blogs and websites, you will gain important insight that will eventually help you once you want to go independent.


– The initial and recurrent commission rates are very reasonable.

– Instant access to the PicMonkey chatter through social media platforms.

– Easy to sign up.

– The 45-day cookie policy earns you a commission when customers buy later.


– I really like PicMonkey so I have no complains about it.

✅ Get PickMonkey FREE TRIAL to create amazing graphics for your blog and sign up as an affiliate to make recurring commissions. 




I love DepositPhotos. Is my place to go when I need images for my sites.

DepositPhotos is an online platform where bloggers and website owners can get royalty-free photos, stock footage, vector images as well as other editorial files.

DepositPhotos pays a commission of 15% for each purchase made by the buyer you refer. This commission is based on the price of the purchased file, minus the commission of the contributor.

You also have the opportunity to earn a commission should your referral sign up for a subscription plan.

The payment structure is as follows: 10% for 1-month subscription, 8% for 3 months, 6% for 6 months, and 4% for 12 months subscription.

What are the Benefits?

• They have subscription plans for different budgets.
• You can purchase images using credits and earn bonus images as a reward.
• Unlike other referral programs, DepositPhotos pays commissions for purchases made within 12 months of a buyer’s registration.
• Customers have a 14 day free trial period and 10 free image downloads daily.
• The images and videos are known to be very high quality, and one can easily get HD products at a very reasonable price.

✅ What’s not to like about it? Try DepositPhotos today!

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6 Top paying affiliate programs every blogger should join to make a passive income from home

What do you think about these high paying affiliate programs? Do you use them?


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  1. I’m still fairly new to blogging so is no surprise that I haven’t heard of pic monkey before. It seems like a good tool to create images. Maybe I give it a try once my website is up and running.

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