Best Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas & Decor Tips To Get Inspired (with examples)

Do you love coffee?

Yeah, me too!

That’s why I’m researching and sharing great kitchen coffee bar ideas and decor tips you can use to create your own DIY home coffee station at home.

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Home coffee station with overlay text -Diy home coffee station
Diy home coffee station for your kitchen

It’s time for a caffeinated DIY project where you can turn part of your kitchen into an awesome coffee bar.

I hope you find inspiration in these kitchen coffee bar ideas and decor tips. I love them all!


Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas to Create the Best Home Coffee Station


If you are a coffee lover and agree with me that humanity runs on coffee, then this one is for you.

Below you are going to find ideas and decor tips to create a coffee house theme in your kitchen, and have an inexpensive coffee bar at your convenience.

But first things first. The success of any DIY project begins with a good plan. So, this is how your mini coffee house or call it kitchen coffee bar, will come along.


1. The Concept


First, take some time to study the layout of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter how much space you have, if you are determined to have a coffee bar, even a table and some chairs will do. However, for now, let’s see what you can do with some extra space that I hope is already available.

Check and make sure that you have enough storage space for all the supplies needed. Make proper use of available cabinet space. If you have space you could build more shelves. More space can be created by installing wall hooks for mugs and cups.

As you scan around the kitchen, remove items that don’t really belong there and put everything back in its place. Free up some cabinets as you will need the space.

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DIY coffee station ideas for your kitchen. Learn how to set up a coffee bar at home with these decor ideas and tips.
How to set up a coffee bar at home | DIY coffee station ideas for your kitchen

2. The Design


Having taken a look at your kitchen, the available space and with the supplies enlisted, it is easier to locate a good position for the station. The best positions are usually next to the window but within reach of kitchen cabinets.

If you want an easy project, consider a basic modern coffee house. It is uncomplicated because you will keep as much of your original kitchen design as possible.

This means you might just have to make use of the existing cabinets, countertop, and utensils.

The style for this coffee station is simple. The countertop should be the number one choice for the station’s location. Another option is using a corner of the kitchen that is not much frequented.

# Pick a coffee organizer you can place on your countertop. This one below is perfect if you love the rustic style and it will keep all your coffee items perfectly organized. It looks homely and stylish.

Whitewashed Wood Tabletop Coffee & Tea Storage Caddy
Whitewashed Wood Tabletop Coffee & Tea Storage Caddy

# If you don’t have enough countertop space, you could use a kitchen trolley or rack where you can place all your coffee bar supplies.

Multifunctional Coffee Bar Cart
Multifunctional Coffee Bar Cart


3. Creating a Theme

DIY home coffee bar station. I love this vintage style home coffee bar look

Home coffee bars look more appealing when they have a theme. A modern coffee house cafe-style theme with a touch of vintage spruce will look great.

You can decide to go retro-vintage, elegant-modern, or just a simple rustic-country style. Mix styles to suit your taste.

For instance, for a modern theme with a touch of retro-vintage, you could go for a bistro seating style, with the chairs painted in cream, brown, or tan shades. Next, shop around for coffee-themed mats, wall art, and vintage serve ware. A vintage grinder will also do wonders.

# You could also display some cakes or cupcakes on a decorative cake stand, and cookies in clear glass jars similar to the one below.

Cake Stand with Dome
Cake Stand with Dome

# A personalized ceramic cookie jar will make your coffee bar stand out.

# Make some difference on the wall by painting a portion of the nearby wall with chalkboard paint and have some fun writing daily coffee quotes below the menu of the day’s special treat.


4. Supplies


This step involves making a list of all the things you will need to bring to the coffee station. In many cases, you will find out that you have almost everything you need. But if you don’t, check the choices below.

Here is a list that will apply to most people:

– Coffee makers

How would you like your coffee in the morning? Coffee makers take center stage on your kitchen bar and should be allocated a special place on your countertop.

I love this cute retro coffee maker!

Retro 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker With LED Display
Retro 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker With LED Display

– Spoons

– Coffee

– Sugar


– Flavorings and syrups

Mugs, cups, and saucers

– Mug holder

Large 8-Mug Holder
Large 8-Mug Holder


5. Putting it All Together


Allow your creativity to take the lead here. Remember that some things like milk and cream have to go into the refrigerator.

It is YOUR coffee bar, so play around with the presentation and come up with something great.

You can incorporate other kitchen coffee bar ideas such as a wooden tray for condiments, a spice rack for various powders and spices, and a vase of mild but fresh flowers.

You can also choose to display your assortment of coffee beans in airtight glass jars. Talking of airtight jars take a look at these coffee storage canister ideas to keep your beans super fresh.

✅ Need canisters for your kitchen? Have a look at this selection of country kitchen canister sets.


It’s Coffee Time!


The DIY kitchen coffee station is done, and it’s finally time to make your first cup of coffee in your very own home coffee bar. Whichever type you want to make will now taste even better. Time to invite your friends over and boast about your latest achievement.

Do you have your own home coffee bar? What’s your style? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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