Vintage Farmhouse Decor Ideas & Accessories To Get The “Look”

If you are looking for vintage farmhouse decor ideas you will love all the tips and accessories of this wonderful rustic style.

Whoever came up with the saying that ‘Old is gold’ must have lived in a farmhouse.


Because it’s the coolest place you can ever live in. The timeless authenticity, elegance, and coziness of a farmhouse have inspired a wave of interest among homeowners and interior designers. Everyone now wants to live in a farmhouse.

But what exactly is the farmhouse look? How can you transform your modern home to a traditional farmhouse?

In this post, I’ll briefly describe what a vintage farmhouse is and how you can transform your home into one.

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If you love farmhouse decor style you will love these ideas and accessories for a charming and beautiful makeover.
If you love farmhouse decor style you will love these ideas and accessories for a charming and beautiful makeover

The Vintage Farmhouse Decor Style

From the most basic point of view, a farmhouse is the main residence on a farm. Since most farms are in rural areas, farmhouses were made almost entirely from materials sourced either from local markets or from within the farm.

Today, the vintage farmhouse style is becoming popular among homeowners. The idea of having this decor style is, however, not to make the house look old but to incorporate modern decor designs with traditional housing ideas. 


Tips to Transform Your Home Into a Vintage Farmhouse

This transformation process is not a complete makeover of your home. The idea here is to help you come up with ways of adding a vintage farmhouse touch to your house, give you some tips on how you could accessorize your home and then leave the rest to you.

The best part is that you can actually do it all by yourself.

So, let’s do this.  


Vintage Farmhouse Decor Ideas For The Kitchen

If you’re going to have a farmhouse kitchen, make sure you don’t leave out a large to medium size sink. You often find white sinks made of stone in a farmhouse. It really adds a touch of rustic to the kitchen.

Think of the right size that would have been used to hold farm produce. A soapstone sink will do well for most people.

# Next, we have white kitchen cabinets and open shelves for placing everything you need. If you are short of space or have a small kitchen, adding a kitchen pantry will solve storage problems.

# Also, add in some wooden or distressed metal utensils. These could include spoons, plates, racks, etc. The idea here is to bring some history into the kitchen, and almost create the impression of having inherited some utensils from your great-grandma.

Distressed Metal Caddy Enamel Finish
Distressed Metal Caddy Enamel Finish

# Another classic to have in a farmhouse kitchen is a wire basket and/or shelving. You can use them to store kitchen towels, aprons, and some groceries.

3 Black Wire Storage Baskets
3 Black Wire Storage Baskets

# Add a touch of vintage rustic with kitchen canisters to keep food or just for decoration. Have a look at this selection of country kitchen canister sets.


The Bedroom

Rustic wooden flooring is good for the whole house but just perfect for the bedroom. You can decide to leave it plain and natural or bring in an old but clean carpet. Some stores stock antique mats and carpets to complement wooden floors so it should not be hard for you to shop for nice traditional designs.

# Consider getting new bed frames, especially classic designs or wrought iron, and shop for vintage-themed quilts or bedspread for your bedding. You could also use grain sacks to create nice pillow covers.

Rustic Stripe Quilted Bedspread
Rustic Stripe Quilted Bedspread

# If getting a new bed sounds too large scale, try pairing the one you have with a vintage chest and a vintage bedside lamp.

# Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with this rustic lamp. A perfect addition to a farmhouse style bedroom.

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How to get the farmhouse look with these awesome decorating ideas, tips and accessories.
How to get the farmhouse look implementing these simple ideas

The Living Room

# This is where most of the attention goes. Everything about a farmhouse living room revolves around vintage furniture, and this is something you want to invest in.

The rustic industrial look is a more modern take of this style. Mix and match your current fittings with side chairs, stools, or small tables made of rustic wood or mixed with vintage or industrial styles.

Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame
Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame

# A rustic fireplace could be the focal point of your living room. For a distressed fireplace style mix bricks and wood. Add a few rustic ornaments to complete the look. So beautiful!

# A farmhouse living room also looks great with rural artifacts like paintings of livestock and the beautiful countryside. Then, whatever you do, don’t forget the lights. Barn style pendants, rustic style lamps, and gooseneck sconces look amazing anywhere in the house.

Farmhouse Chandelier in Rustic Black Metal
Farmhouse Chandelier in Rustic Black Metal

# For the dining area, have a nice classic farm table preferably crafted entirely by hand. And remember, a farm table should be made entirely of solid wood.

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Affordable rustic decor accessories to give any house a farmhouse style

The Porch

Since almost all farmhouses had an extended living space on the porch or patio, you can create one in your new vintage home. To create the full farmhouse style you can get potted flowers and plants, rustic signs, two or three rocking chairs, and a swing.

Natural Organic Char-Log Wood Single Rocker
Natural Organic Char-Log Wood Single Rocker

# If you are a country girl at heart you will love these French country style accessories and decorating tips.

For more farmhouse tips and accessories check 15 Farmhouse Decor Budget Ideas.


Extra Vintage Farmhouse Decor Tips


If you haven’t noticed yet, the secret in making a vintage farmhouse is in the mixing and matching. So, I encourage you to try as much as possible to get small old accessories and look for places to put them.

In addition, you could also plant a small garden for herbs. If you don’t have enough space, plant some of the herbs in pots and have them join the flowers on the porch. These plants will invite beautiful butterflies to your home while at the same time keep off bad insects like mosquitoes.

What are your best vintage farmhouse decor ideas?


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